Another Shade of Green – Top 5 Hot Financial Jobs in the Green Economy – Green House

Why You Need to Know About These OpportunitiesIf you really want to know what is happening in the American economy, it is just a matter of following the money. Cap and Trade has been a political issue which has received a lot of attention in the news. Some applaud it and others criticize it for different reasons. What we wanted to know is “How is this new Green House Gas exchange market going to translate into jobs?” As we said before, follow the money. Here is what you need to know: It has been forecasted that the new US cap and trade system will create a $3 trillion market by 2020. What does that mean to you as a job seeker? Thousands of well paying jobs on one of the real problems in our environment. If you can get the education, training and certifications you will need, the opportunities will be strong. Let’s get to the opportunities:

Emissions Broker/Trader: These professionals will the focal point of the new carbon trading market. They are responsible for buying and selling credits to interested parties on the exchange or from the private over-the-counter market. Carbon is not the only GHG traded on the market that will see growth. Look for new job opportunities in Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Sulphur Oxide (SOx) markets as the overall volume of greenhouse gas trading grows. Traders and brokers must complete licensing requirements in order to work in the market. Some of the successful emissions traders have degrees in science, math or engineering. If you are interested in learning more about Carbon Trading here is a great opportunity.

Market Analyst: These are the people who use mathematical models to do analysis and research on the market for investors. Their findings also help determine investment strategy, policy and pricing mechanisms. With the enormous amount of information and money that will be generated when the US comes on line, there will be a worldwide need for these people.
 Forensic Accountant/Fraud Examiner: The critics of the cap and trade market believe that fraud could be a major problem. After the scandals that rocked Wall Street and the credit crisis who could blame them? Fraud examiners will be a critical part of the team to determine the money trail and help regulators with prosecution. Here is a great place to learn about the qualifications needed for this type of job.

Energy/Market Economist: These professionals will analyze and interpret market data and use it for economic forecasting. Economic forecasting predicts market trends based on economic models. Job opportunities will grow as the market moves ahead.

Carbon Consulting/Sustainability: This job will have myriad variations on its title but every company which has to engage in GHG trading will have an department or business partner to help them deal with their carbon credits and trading. This means there will be opportunities for corporate and consulting jobs.
What are the Qualifications for these Jobs? Many of these jobs require at least a college degree for entry level jobs. Others, like the trading jobs, may also require licenses and certifications from government or the financial industry.